AccuVent FAQs

Why Do I Need AccuVent?

AccuVent acts as an all-in-one wind-wash barrier and vent. Without a wind-wash barrier, air enters the attic freely and flows above the insulation in the ceiling, greatly reducing its R-value. This can cause moisture buildup and mold growth in the attic, which can lead to reduced energy efficiency of the home. AccuVent blocks air from entering the insulation and guides it up along the roof decking.

What Is AccuVent Made From?

AccuVent products are manufactured in the USA from 100% recycled, flame-retardant PVC.

How Is AccuVent Installed?

AccuVent is very easy to install. Using a staple gun, attach the flange to the tie plate, push the bottom flap onto the top of the tie plate, and staple the AccuVent pads to the roof sheathing.

What’s The Difference Between Installing AccuVent For New Construction And Attic Re-Insulation?

In new construction, AccuVent is installed before any drywall has been secured. AccuVent is inserted over the top plate between trusses or rafters, stapled at the tab, then bent to conform to the roof decking and stapled.

In an attic retrofit, the same process as new construction installation is repeated, except AccuVent is stapled to the top portion of the top plate or the floor of the attic.

Are AccuVent Products Ever Installed From Outside Of The Attic?

Yes. If the soffit is removed for replacement as part of a larger remodel, then AccuVent can be pushed in from the outside over the existing insulation and stapled to the exterior sheeting. An assistant inside the attic then staples it to the roof decking. If a small gap is left it needs to be filled with caulk or canned foam.

What Is The Recommended Construction Staple Length?

The recommended staple length is 3/8” or 1/2”.

Are There Other Ways To Attach AccuVent Beside Staples?

Metal studs can be used to install AccuVent. Construction adhesive will secure AccuVent to the top plate when using this method.

What Can I Do About Wires, Pipes, And Framing Obstructions In The Top Plate When Installing AccuVent?

These obstacles can be a challenge, but by using scissors or a utility knife, cutouts can be made in the AccuVent product. If a large gap remains after cuts were made, seal off the edges with caulk or canned spray foam.

Customer Support

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